Thursday, November 13, 2008

Like Chapters In A Book

When I first "decided" I wanted to work more with words, less chasing after sailors, showing them a healthier means to "make weight" (they seemed keen on the chase but no so much on the healthy,) Mark Chisnell was one of the individuals who answered a call for mentoring.

Since meeting the real man in Alicante I've not missed a single article, which read like a chapter in a novel. You'll get your money's worth, especially if one to spend xx on a book and have it completed in less time it took to decide and buy! This tale will entertain far longer. Mark helps us "pace" through the story. A tad longer than ideal for a "web-read," it's a nice break.

Brew a cup of tea of coffee, take a break and enjoy a fine read:

Seeking Passage To India By Mark Chisnell

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