Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sail Change . . .

...the GE skiff is on it's way back to the UK and I am en route to Miami for Acura Miami Race week and my own bit of sailing. After 2 weeks of sitting on the sidelines as my team skimmed the waters of Sydney Harbour; it's time for "field work" as I tackle the Atlantic swells and possible big breeze off the shores of South Beach Miami with my home port crew on Kiazen (Mumm30).

It was great fun sharing the shore side tid bits these past few weeks and I feel in the mood to write from the "rail" in the coming days. Of course, this will be from a different point of view all together. I hope those who are in Miami and cross paths with SailTrim on the dock or at the tent will share their aches, pains and rail side woes. We can start with weight ins!! Ahh . . . 12-15hrs in the airplane can lead to terrible water retention and bloating!!! I am in the middle of keeping my body at weight and counting down to a nice run along the beach upon my arrival. For now I am best friends with a bottle of water and the inflight head!

Untill then; I will be in Miami all weekend and please give me a call if interested in a "pre-weigh in" run or workout (see website for contact info).

Fair Winds ~ Jenn

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