Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's official . . . is the first day of Spring! In Southeastern CT it even feels like Spring. I've posted sign up instructions for my next session of Virtual Training "Stay Light and Strong on The Go". Please visit SailTrim.Org for details ~ it's easy and free! Here's the gist:

Starts: April 1st and runs through October
Goal: To walk members through 6 months of a no gym necessary training program suited for the sailor who is on the go (i.e. travels a fair bit, busy work and family lifestyle, etc).

** This is not to denote the value of a gym but to demonstrate how it can be done when the gym does not fit your lifestyle**

Aside from my own travel and continent hopping; I've had many discussions with sailors along the way on how they've struggled with fitness programs due to disruptions (i.e. regattas, family, travel time, etc). The best athlete can have a well structured plan, however even the most disciplined one can be thrown off by unexpected travel and events which may not pair well with the week's original training goals! In addition, eating habits can be greatly impacted and add to the downward spiral of disrupting the "perfect plan". The end result is typically the individual beating up on themselves for getting off track and frustration.

As much as I love the gym; the convenience of having all the "tools" and social environment, it's not in the cards for me from April till October. So on the plane ride home from Miami I got to thinking: there are quite a few folks out there who use no access to a gym as a reason for not having a health fitness plan. I myself have gotten stuck in a rut because the gym was my security blanket, a sure deal of accomplishing something if I showed up!

Well... my father recently pointed out the importance of my own sailing fitness and the value of active participation in our sport aside from my role through SailTrim.Org: no gym is no excuse and I need a plan. Since I like to share... the next 6 months will be a work in progress and I invite you all to join in, participate and experience the rewards and tackle the challenges as a virtual team.

I am looking forward to the challenge and a new group of virtual training partners!

Fair Winds,


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