Saturday, March 17, 2007

I dream of spring!

...I have been spoiled with beautiful weather and colorful places this past month! The Nor'easter has come and gone leaving behind wet snow and impending mud! I am ready for spring, warm weather and clear skies.

There was a positive from being snowed in: my newsletter update is complete and should be found in subscribers' inboxes early Sunday morning. I look forward to feedback on the new platform and will send a follow up note via "old way" to ensure no one misses out on the March/April issue.

The other news to stay on top of: my upcoming virtual training program for Spring and Summer. Individuals will be able to sign up March 21 and this will be a user/login format. The program will be housed on my home site under "SailTrim Racing". The goal this season is staying light and strong without the use of a gym . . .should be an interesting journey as I spend a fair amount of time traveling from April till October.

The idea sprung from conversations with professional sailors who travel a fair amount and can not easily maintain a gym routine, however; most college and Olympic campaigners are in similar situations. Furthermore, there are the sailors who carry full time jobs, juggle family and still find time to bang around the corners on a Wednesday night who wish they could adapt a fitness routine too. I think with some virtual support, we can all meet our goals despite our crazy lives.

I want to promote a fit, healthy and well balanced lifestyle to the sailing community and feel the best way I can support such is by putting myself out there and sharing with all of you how it can be done in real time. As I prepare to leave the US and head to Europe; it's my intention to share with all those interested my plan to train, stay on top of my nutritional needs and keep sane! This will all be posted on a separate blog and progress reports in my monthly newsletter.

I will publish my weekly goals on Sundays beginning April 1st (and this is no fool!), with daily blogs posted at the end of my day. Since there will be travel and time zones to contend with there will be a gap here and there. In my monthly newsletter (starting with May) there will be a progress report, hopefully some feedback and write ins from virtual team members as well. I would love to see this be interactive, building a true virtual team from all levels of sailing.

Fair Winds ~ Jenn

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