Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stay Tuned: Mark Foy Trophy is About To Start!

It's been awhile since I've chased around the 18 foot boys and sure wouldn't mind delaying the trip home from Sweden to make a side venture to France...especially when goodfriends are about to rip it up on these impressive skiffs. The next best trick, make use of the virtual resources to stay intouch with the boys and keep you posted here on anything juicy. For now, check out the site.

Puma's Rob Greenhalgh, winner of the JJGiltinan in 2004 is scooting over to France from St. Petersburg Russia to rejoin the class. The sailing is going to be hot when talent like that flies in. Though, we'll have to see if the heavy celebrations in Russia hinder his recovery time...the Volvo Ocean Race is not a gentle feeder to a skiff event!

In the mean time, packing up and getting ready to head home to catch up on sleep (hard to do when the days are 22 hours long!) and continue work with Mark Chisnell and crew working on the Volvo Ocean Race Book "Spanish Castle To White Night." I've read up through Chapter 6 and pretty excited about this book. It's not just for the sailor at all. Not at all. My cousin, advid snowboarder who dabbles in sailing was blown away and ordered three copies just to give away as gifts! We are a supportive family, but that usually means buying one, not three!

Taking that as my family's "thumbs up" for the current project.

There will be some good Volvo scoop to come and will be great fun to see what the sailors embark on after a well deserved rest. There are a few who've kindly agreed to let me peak back into their lives from time to time to see what they are working on while we all wait to learn more on who's returning for 2011-12. It would be great to think next week there'll be some press release confirming rumors of teams ready to commit, but that would be too quick. All good stories have a cliff hanger...

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