Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marstrand Re-Start of The Volvo Ocean Race

Despite the news of Telefonica Blue's mishap with the Swedish Rocks, it has actually been a beautiful day on Marstrand.

This morning I was able to catch Green Dragon enjoying a final meal, which was mostly junk food!

Torben and I shared a laugh over the other night's game of darts, he's a sharp shooter!

While sharing a ride with the radio crew, which I had a one-line debut late in the commentary, was quite impressed with the spectators on shore and sea.

Our Volvo-powered boat made pace in keeping with the fleet and Guy never missed a beat as we rocketed off the swell.

Though a terribly slow start due to shifty light breeze, the pace quickened as the fleet rounded their final mark with Telefonica Blue leading the charge till their untimely fate with the rocks..

I'd rather end on this parting shot, though would like to say the team who jumped to the aid of Telefonica Blue was their arch rival for second place - Puma Ocean Racing, as seen managing the tow lines for the team:

It's been quite the day and time to pack up the media center, await news for Telefonica Blue and prepare for the trip to Stockholm.

Additional Photos, click here.

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