Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Return To Calm

It is particularly calm for the Sunday prior to racing and it may have something to do with the weather. It's overcast, light breeze on land (~9 knots on the water,) with a damp-cool feel. I consulted with the folks at Slam on what they'd recommend for today's conditions on land:


It's a fleece sort of day!

On my way back to "mission control" could not resist a chat with the volunteers who man the Registration Booth...

They were great sports since I gave them zero warning, though it was that much more fun as a result!

The day has been calm and relaxed. The RC have been out practicing and so have my fellow bloggers. Mr.Clean shot over a note earlier and they are on there way out to practice and prep for on-the-water anarchy. Finally, rest of the media guru's should be checked in by end of day. As I type Tucker Thompson has just popped his head in.

The coverage this year will be very well rounded for all appetites...

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