Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Mercury Is Rising!

The temps are up but so is the breeze and it should be taping off as this post makes its way around the globe. The weigh-ins have been underway, final touches to sponsor booths and all the signs say Acura Race Week is ready to get the party started.

The folks from Sperry have a "HOT" deal for every shoe purchase you will not only get one of their sharp long-sleeve shirts, your new kicks will come packaged in an earth friendly reusable bag! I am ALL over this one and Sperry gets massive "SailTrim Kudos."

While walking the docks I came across a favorite team of mine:

The Russians are back! Team Synergy, a TP52 owned by Sergey Pichugin and guided around the course by Cameron Dunn was looking quite mellow this Saturday morning.

Joining them on the dock and also from the other side of the pond:

Team Yeoman XXXII, a Rogers 46 owned by Brian Benjamin, led around the course by Simon Rogers and based out of Hamble, GBR; will be sharing dock and race course with the Russians in the IRC 1/Division 1. Today the very friendly sailors (they were quite happy to pose for this shot) were on their way out for some testing of the waters.

Saturday is typically a little nutty in the Race HQ and the calm of shore-side affairs has come to an end with the activity level more than doubled from yesterday afternoon. The weather is lovely but the folks at the PRPs fave cafe, Harpoon Harry's had a nice little reminder of what us Northern folks are missing out on...

It is a beautiful day. Tonight the PRPs (Premiere-Racing Peeps) kick off the event with a "cook-out" for our volunteers and support staff whom many take a week off from the day-job to make sure this event is the Premiere sailing event of the US.

The official event blog site is live. The on-site photogs are nothing like past years but expect a number of video gurus kicking around the course.

Phew...going for a single shot of espresso was smart...

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