Monday, December 01, 2008

A Weighty Matter

Tell me, how are you all feeling after the American holiday? Which is completely focused on eating and drinking, with some more eating and a little bit more drinking, eating, etc. If your an American, does not matter where in the world you live, the last four days were focused on good eats!

How'd it go this year? Actually, should be asking, "how do you feel?" I'd share, but there seems to be this expectation the founder of SailTrim and front runner in the campaign for healthy One Design Weight Management never over indulges. Ha! Thanksgiving IS my most favorite holiday of the year.

With 48 days till Key West Race Week, this is my plan for the next couple weeks and there is no gym involved but there is some restraint. Ya ya, not easy during the holiday season and I can see the look on your face, I've been doing this for a few years, you OD sailors have a "look" at the thought of restraint.

  • Do Not Skip Breakfast! Bit of a broken record, but do whatever you have to do to to eat SOMETHING before 10am everyday. Eating this one meal, especially on the day of a holiday party, will ensure you do not over eat (unless you are one of those personalities that mirrors my pup, who will eat whatever is in front of them ~ tip for those types in a moment.)
  • Stay Active! This, a harder feat to achieve when your job requires you to be glued to your computer and under a deadline. Walk. Ride. Play with your little ones. Take the stairs. I say it every year but one has to make it a habit and apart of their lifestyle for it to carry them through this particular season. They say 15 minutes a day. This only works if you pair it with:
  • Clean Eats! Be GONE with the cream cheese ladened bagels, danishes, heavy cream based soups and sauces, super-sized anything, etc. I think the point comes across. IF you can clean up your eating habits, do your best to not eat, for the sake of eating because you are bored, stressed or nervous about something; you WILL be able to maintain a healthy weight with moderate day-to-day physical activity. This does not have to be a miserable task that involves carrot sticks and rice cakes.
  • Accessorize with a glass of water, hunger is many times dehydration in disguise and staying hydrated with non-alcoholic beverages will help you ward off unnecessary snacking.
I'm not racing in the 2009 KWRW and will be working behind the scenes, so no impending scale to motivate, but this really shouldn't be what motivates. Feeling awesome, having good energy and hell, looking hot while doing what you love: sailing and being with your sailing peeps on a cool island!

Life's too short to not feel your best all year long. BoatBites will keep the tips rolling till we all survive the holidays. Cheers

In The News:
All Smiles!

Dave Kneale/Volvo Ocean Race
(l-r) Ericsson 4 Skipper Torben Grael greets Ericsson 3 Watch Captain Magnus Olsson

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