Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Nibble Of History

It's so easy to slide down a negative path when someone mentions the America's Cup, AC or any other term related to the historical event. With the VOR on a mini break while teams recoup (though keep the rally going for Team Russia!) and the Vendee is about to get more interesting as the solo skippers head into Mother Nature's idea of an extreme amusement park ride; it's the holidays. A time for traditions and remembering.

Thought it would be nice to remember the yacht that gave the America's Cup it's name:

"Her performance that summer would influence British yacht design for well over 25-years. It was true then as it is today - the America's Cup is an inspiration for designers, builders and sailors, and an opportunity for innovation and excellence like no other." ~ read more!

Here's to the history of yachting!

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