Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Final Bite For 2008

"Ahhh..."sums up my feelings as the final hours of 2008 dwindle. I've gone about scanning the "news" and published "opinion" on the state of sailing and honestly have no interest in wasting the last hours of 2008 looking over the year's down falls. Never mind the current state of things. We get it. I get it. There are hard times ahead but I still love sailing and wish for everyone else who shares this passion a year full of it! No matter how and what you have to do to enjoy the sport you love (even if it isn't sailing,) there are ways to enjoy the things we love on a nickle and a dime.

In the mean time, in the spirit of getting excited about something to kick-off 2009: Acura Key West Baby!!! It's going to be a party and with the folks from Sailing Anarchy promising live coverage, the return of our "Premiere-Bloggers" from last event, ESPN coverage and all the media gurus flocking for the Southern Love found only in America's most Southern Point: the folks at home will feel the party on every corner of the globe!

Wishing the world of sailors a fabulous New Year ~ here's to 2009!

And for those who would like a title "Year-In-Review"

Want more...The Boston Globe's "Big Picture" has an INCREDIBLE three part series of photos essays from the world's top photojournalist...and that is the last bite for 2008!

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