Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Disapointed Tuesday: Golding Dismasted In Vendee

Every morning, get up and dive right into the sailing scoop of the day; starting with the Vendee Globe. The various retirees is apart of the game, but never a feel-good-moment when one of the fan favorites has a misfortune.

From The Vendee Site: Golding relives the incident...

" Suddenly the boat took off on a wave. The wind instruments said the breeze was well over 40 knots. I grabbed my jacket and had just got on deck, half in half out my jacket, and the boat really sort of heeled over. The breeze got really strong and there was a big bang and the rig let go."

" It was knocked by a wave, not knocked flat so it was still powered up. The first thing you do with a gust is dial the pilot down while you work out if you have to do something about it or you can sit it out. There are very awkward seas and a big sea just pushed the stern round, so the boat was probably at 120-130 degrees and so the boat was very powered up at that point."

" The rig gave way very quickly so it was over in seconds. On the data feed you can see the wind gear stops at 49 knots and the boat speed was 30 knots. So it is just an overload on the rig. I wasn’t expecting the squall." Read Full Piece...

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