Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Santa

If I ever have the opportunity to be a true blue ocean sailor, may I please be like Sam Davies of Roxy!?!

From Sam:

Dear Santa I hope I have been good this year, and I hope you have time to come and visit Roxy this Christmas. If not, don't worry, but if you can, here is my Christmas wish list:

1. A Gore-tex balaclava
2. A second jockey pole, so I don't have all the palava of changing each time I gybe
3. A hair-dryer (12 V)

4. Rust cleaner (to get rid of the marks where the solar panels rust)

5. A fractional gennaker

6. A fractional halyard
7. A penguin (request from Lucky and Foxy who are scared of Albatrosses)

8. A nail file

9. Some fruit (mangoes, oranges, apples preferably)

10. Noise reducing headphones

I hope you manage to make everyone happy this year, and that the weather
is kind to you out there on your sleigh.... Love, Sam

PS if you have a tow-rope, I'd love a tow, up to be a bit nearer the leaders too please! Only if Rudolph doesn't mind the extra weight!

Everyday, No Matter The Day

You have to sit back and admire those who respect their choice to go out and do this race, or others like it and they just have a blast (within reason, as Sam noted when she saw her first iceberg, "Not Funny" her words, but it brought more appreciation.)

Let's Take Page From Sam: Keep It Light

It is Wednesday! "Hump Day" and it's come to my attention one of my fav sailing comics has a book out for this holiday season!!

I learned of Dave during a short stint working for WindCheck sailing magazine a few years back. I've been getting a kick out of these monthly doses of sailing laughter ever since. Cheers!

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