Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weekend Bite: VOR Leg Two Start

Grrr... The Volvo Ocean Race media is killing me and getting up early to watch the start was like Christmas morning till I opened the Volvo TV website and it all went down hill from there. The experience matched the horrific weather here in New England.

In brief:
Puma had a fantastic start, ran away with a "lead" which was short lived when they became the first to hit a break in breeze from the impressive wind shadow Table Top Mountain appears to create (having never been there I have to go with what I am told.) There was a bit of head sail trouble...Ericsson 4 was able to take advantage and now holds the lead...

And on that note, since the site is not updating the news this moment... there seems to be a new race tracker:

Well...Today, there was a huge miss-connect between the commentary and what one saw...till next time. For now...enough on disappointment and on with following a yacht race. This should be an interesting leg.

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