Monday, November 24, 2008

VO70 In A Haystack

Spent the morning cup-of-joe searching (hence the play on "needle in a haystack") for the news clip from last night with Kenny Read and Puma. Was Sunday's Prime Time on CBS and my "anti-sailing" Uncle who called all excited to inform (he has ZERO interest in sailing and is the facilitator over family gatherings on how the sport is a non-event...grrr.)

Did you catch the episode? Was in reference to the recent pirate hijackings off Somalia and included a nice aerial shot of Puma sailing. THAT's what did it for my Uncle, a huge fan of man-made marvels that move with haste. He was, "Wow, those boats can move" and a "very cool' and I think, not sure, but a touch of sudden concern for the guys.

They showed images of tankers (the size of a small country) and then he gave some thought to the 70 foot boat: that has enough value in it's bits and pieces to feed a country but a mere dinghy in comparison to size. Shared with him what little I knew from PR and interviews regarding measures in place to ensure their safety. Was impressed with his concern, but I know he was looking for a back door for return on his negative feelings over the sport = denied!

If someone finds it, would love to see the whole clip.

Built Tough!

Between Green Dragon, Puma and now Telefonica Blue...the boats: decently "tough" but even my Uncle, he's a "man's-man" sort of personality and very hard worker had to agree, "these VOR sailors are a solid breed!" Sadly, the India stop-over is more a pit-stop and not much time for massive repairs. Leg Two has provided some lovely drama, however, expecting a bit more shore-side chaos in a week and a half...

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