Thursday, November 06, 2008

Seeing Red! Disappointed in Puma

Grrr...I can honestly say, DO NOT agree with Puma's "We like the idea of having fresh blood." Could be disappointed due to a sincere admiration for the talents of both Jerry and Jonathan and hate the idea of either not on the boat.

Here's the feeder from the VOR Site:

PUMA Ocean Racing have announced that veteran duo Jerry Kirby and Jonathan McKee will be rested for the forthcoming leg to India.

The American pair, aged 52 and 48 respectively, will be replaced for the 4,450-nautical mile trip to Cochin by Shannon Falcone of Antigua and New Zealand’s Robbie Naismith, a previous race winner.

According to the team’s general manager Kimo Worthington, the move was taken to preserve freshness within the team.

“Instead of carrying the same guys around (This last bit really got my blood in a boil!!), we are bringing in fresh blood,” he said. “Normally the guys here have five weeks off but here it is like two weeks with just four or five days off this time. We like the idea of having fresh blood.”

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It's one thing to rotate crew for injury or a seriously GOOD reason resulting from a prior life commitment before signing the dotted line for the most extreme TEAM based around the world yacht race. Not having five weeks off is part of the extreme nature of this particular race! Having to transition like an Ironman triathlete into the the next leg.

I may be way off base. I have a right to an opinion: this does not follow the integrity of what the Volvo Ocean Race represents. Once the race becomes "easier", guys (or gals) not having to commit, swapping out tired sailors and actually acknowledging that there is a strategy to how sailors are used; like choosing a sail inventory, well then why do it? This is not the America's Cup or Grand Prix Race Week. This is the ultimate test of a sailing team's endurance...

Grrr...this darn post has taken me too long to write and missing Grey's Anatomy! I've had to edit out the inappropriate words and thoughts...

Would love to hear what sailors getting ready to embark on their NON-STOP SOLO around the world race this weekend think..they'll be lucky when they get to sleep for 5 minutes on their one leg.

~ Grumpy Jenn

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