Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Frisky buisness in Key West!

...for a good cause in sailing!

"Team SailFast" was having some fun at Key West Race Week and getting the name out for a casual clothing line who's goal is to provide comfy gear for sailors and raise both awareness and funds for leukemia, lymphoma and blood born cancer research. SailTrim and SailFast are industry partners and look to March for our "Sailor(s) of the Month" who represent the spirit of sailing and leads by example in sailing toward a healthier tomorrow.

But for now...these pictures just in, presenting the playful spirit of the sailor and getting the SailFast name out there!


This was not in the 2008 Spring/Summer line up...not sure sure how these would wear while hiking on the rail of a M30...

Hey, I see some resemblance here!

Thank you to Team SailFast for a few great laughs!

Another important note, while I am typing away...SailFast are a proud sponsor of the Team 7 ladies:

Keep an eye out for SailFast...

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