Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring training...around the corner!

I am in Annapolis this moment and when you walk around town there are little hints of Spring: buds on trees, bulbs pushing through and birds singing. However, it does not feel like Spring as I have long underwear on beneath my clothes while walking around town!

The upcoming March issue of The SailTrim Journals will cover some general health topics to set a stage for a successful "Spring Training", how to make breakfast a habit you never break and using the rising mercury to motivate de-stressing in the natural world.

The work on this issue has my mind wrapped about starting the season off on the right foot and if you are not inspired to get outside just yet, looking at your day-to-day nutrition is an ice breaker. This blog is a little bit of a "sales-pitch" but how else am I to let you all how I've taken my favorite client activity and automated it so I can provide more people with a means to get feedback and consider lifestyle tweaks for leading a healthier life and improve sailing performance?!?!

My favorite client activity? The Food Journal! The best way to figure out how food impacts your life is writing it down (recording it) - we science types also LOVE data to work with!

Two weeks (~ 14 days) is a nice chunk of time for someone like myself to assess if what you eat is slowing you down. It is also an inexpensive short term way to help folks address key things which make "making weight" a challenge, provides great self awareness and extremely educational.

I am just so excited to have this available and with my research interest in nutritional timing and muscle recovery - well, lets just say this is some of my favorite work to do (next to sailing of course!)

Give it some thought...in 14 days you could unlock your own little secret to never worrying about making weight again...

Oh wait..there's more... TEASING - had the tune of one of those TV infomercials in my head!

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