Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Building a Fit Sailing Community

Fair Winds~

I succeeded in my goal of posting my newsletter with in the first 3 days of the month. Ahh and there's even a second installment completed for mid-month distribution. . .though if someone wanted to sponsor it . . . there's still time.

My real goal is grander than getting my newsletter out ontime and finding sponsors; it's building a sailing community that works together to help each other out in achieving fitness, health and overall wellness goals. Whether you are a beer-can racer, weekend cruiser, amateur or professional sailor; I want to hear from all of you and so do the rest of the professionals working hard to make a mark in the industry specific to "Sailing Fitness".

I have an endless supply of topics to share and discuss, but the reality is I want to provide a platform for all of you to share and participate in. The more you contribute, the deeper we can go and the more useful the service will be for others in the community. The newsletters will keep showing up each month as long as there is an audience, however, topics of discussion that come in from the community will take precedence over my own.

Thank you for reading! Fair Winds ~


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