Monday, October 09, 2006

Attack of The Oreo Cookie

"Someone please rescue me from the Oreos! ", this was a recent request I sent out to a friend via IM, when I was suppose to be editing a newsletter article. Allow me a moment to share with you the pros and cons to establishing a business that finds its home where-ever you set up your laptop and have a wireless connection. For example; while visiting with family, I have found the bench in their kitchen with its views of the Connecticut River Valley's foliage, a wonderfully productive local; easy access to tea pot, peaceful setting and Aunt's Oreo stash hangs next to the sugar I use for my tea . . .

Until the other day, it had been virtually years since I tasted that creamy filling. Just one, I thought, no harm in just one for prosperity. For every refill of tea, spoonful of sugar; I was haunted by the memories of sneaking Oreos from my Grandma's "treat stash". Hmm . . . "just one" . . .who was I kidding, thinking I could eat just one?! In short, I owe my Aunt a package of Oreos.

The take home message: We are all human and even the most disciplined of characters have their moment when they can't eat "just one". Had I not denied myself an Oreo for so many years, would I have eaten the whole package? Honestly, I do not know since I truly believe there is some secret ingredient in the creamy filling, making one day dream about eating one more after another.

On an educational standpoint; we all have an "Oreo Cookie" that haunts us. On occasion, we are going to give in and indulge and then feel guilty about it afterwards (or have a terrible stomach ache). It's how you handle that aftermath of guilt! In reality, should not feel guilty, except the human nature of it all, learn and move on.

I decided to re-locate the sugar while I continue my visit and find something inline with my diet plan to satisfying my sweet tooth while working long hours at the computer (sliced apples from a local farm stand and natural PB). The Oreos are no longer haunting me . . . next temptation will be the smell of fresh pumpkin pie; I head to central NY next month to holiday with mom . . .

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