Friday, May 28, 2010

Seahorse Magazine: June 2010 Teaser!

Why do you pick up a magazine? The pretty cover? Or, sick content?

Content baby!

The June issue of Seahorse is well packed with editorial and super light on the advertorial, a relief compared to the choices on the new-stands here in the states!

A teaser:

After the worldwide one-design success of the J/105, J/Boats decided that it was time for something a little more modern... Stu Johnstone explains

What started as a gleam in the eye of a longterm J/Boat owner has finally evolved into the J/111… our next-generation state-of-the-art one-design. This particular owner is an archetypal ‘J/sailor’, having learnt how to race on J/24s in the late 1970s and progressed through J/22s, J/105s and J/100s at his summer home in Auckland, New Zealand. The idea is simple: get back to the basics, dream up the best all-around sailing boat possible, pure in its form, elegant in its execution and just damn fun to sail. Take the best characteristics from successful J/35, J/105 and J/109 one-design classes, dial in some J/90 and J/125 speed along with ­current thinking on hull and rig designs to create the optimum dual purpose boat in the 35-foot range. To ensure support and further fine-tune the brief, the initial concept was also bounced off the worldwide J/Boat community of 65+ dealers, sailmakers and prospects, as well as many of the 1,000-plus owners of existing larger J/Boat one-designs. That consensus design brief has become the J/111.

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