Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Sails are Raised in Hyannis!

In it's fourth year, Raising The Sail 2010 has grown from 30 enthusiastic New England High School sailors to over 50! Myself and Tim Fallon have been with the event since it's introduction. Tim Wadlow joined us last season and this year Karen Renzulli gets in on the action, which today was plenty!

The following video was collected while the kids were working on a drill called, "Hang In There." They start a race on Starboard tact and not released to tact till the coaches blow their whistle. The drill is intended to build hiking skills, boat handling and dealing with bad air or poor position on the race course. In this case, very cold and gusty conditions as well! Keep an eye to the left about mid-way through the clip.

The clinic is hosted by Barnstable High School Sailing Boosters Club and the Hyannis Yacht Club. It's a fund-raising event which supports the growth of youth sailing in the Cape Cod region. Quite successful and at the current rate of growth, could be impressive four years from now.

What brings me back each year are the kids. As the video clip shows, they hang-in there when the wind chill is just below freezing and give us coaches everything they've got for two and half days. They are positive and hard working.

Today we worked on speed control, line sites and ranges to improve starts and sail less despite factors like outgoing tides; in addition to hiking efficiency. They end the day fleet racing. Tomorrow will focus on Team Racing, an area where Tim, Tim and Karen truly excel as each is a Champion in this line of racing!

My contribution keeps old roots intact with helping them adapt a healthy lifestyle on and off the water which will ensure all the amazing skills they learn shine through this season. What good is winning the start if your legs cramp up hiking on the windward leg and your skipper is too dehydrated to make a smart call on the layline?!?

The following clip from last year's clinic and more detail to the sort of work we do with and for the kids. This year we are using photography and video to help the kids see their sailing and improve with immediate feedback.

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