Thursday, January 15, 2009

KW Weather Bite

Folks, I am in Florida and it is . . . chilly! Not meaning to complain, today there is breeze but for all you Acura Key West peeps, toss in an extra fleece, on-the-water layers and maybe a pair of socks or two. Ah, and a hat! If you bring, you won't need. Furthermore, it may be Key West...there is a proven history of it being cold. Hence the abundance of rum at the event...

On-The-Water coverage will rev up with the racing, pre-race blogging will begin as soon as I get there. The folks from Sailing Anarchy and SailGroove should be on-site Sunday and can't wait for remaining media gurus to arrive. There is one thing I personally will not be participating in, putting self in a situation of mass emails with folks looking for free pictures from our bloggers.

Sorry folks, I'm truly apologetic if this comes across as a b*@#% statement. With the world's state of affairs it is more important then ever to see and show value in the hard work of each, even if "you" are on holiday many of those who support race week, especially the photographers are not. It's no different then buying the crazy picture of your family all shell shocked on the roller-coaster ride, etc. You see value in purchasing that, please see value those who embrace on-the-water photography. The shot may look easy, it's far from it.

There will be a follow-up bite with a solid list of the photographers and their websites.

Ok...tomorrow afternoon will mark the "pre-event" coverage. Cheers!

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