Saturday, December 13, 2008

SailTrim Is Getting Its Groove On!

The VOR boys are back at, it's darn cold in the Southern Ocean and SailTrim.Org is finally getting its groove on!

The best of SailTrim can now be found in the article section of SailGroove.Org; a fabulous site for getting everything from event coverage, sailing tips and now a bit of healthy content for good measure. Ideally, all things a sailor may need for success and entertainment!

This decision to start partnering with other sites had been on my mind for some time and the reason I chose SailGroove for the meatier topics was for it's strong College and High School sailing concentration, a community which has put SailTrim's efforts to greatest use these last few years.

Where To Find SailTrim
  • SailGroove: Feature lengthed articles covering core topics for sailing fitness, nutrition and wellness. I'll occasionally submit relevant event reports and interviews.
  • SailTrim.Org: By 2009 will point to this site and still house some of the attributes from original location, however, making use of WordPress platform to share news and updates (i.e. when a new article is posted to one of my affiliates, etc.)
  • Suite101: Will house general pieces which are suitable for an audience new to the sport.
By stepping away from a formal website, the focus will be to produce content for these and other sites; reaching out to more people and making the information available for a broader audience. Over the years, SailTrim has been a great "ice breaker" to sharing the sport with non-sailors. It's also been a rewarding avenue to ensure current sailors enjoy their time on the water.

There is no exclusive arrangement with SailGroove or any other site at this time and if there are other outlets interested in "healthy content" for their readers, just shoot me a note. I will not publish competing articles but will produce material fitting for a specific audience.

Now that is settled, back to doing what I love: reading and writing. We'd like there to be some sailing mixed in but since we'll be heading North here soon, we'll keep on day dreaming about Key West Race Week!

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