Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Hump Day Alright

There is a lot going on in the world of sailing and scanning all the various news, events and blogs makes the head a tad dizzy and it's only Wednesday!

The dismasting of Gitana caught me with a huge, "ugh..." setting down my cup of coffee to thoroughly check out the Vendee fleet. It's a terrible disappointment, however he is safe and it is apart of the adventure and these men and women are seriously diverse in tackling such things.

Once I got past the Gitana incident, had to take a monster double take as Fonica (Michel Desjoyeaux) has seriously sailed through the fleet after a slow start to this event and currently in fifth. Nice. Something says not to be surprised if he lands in the top three over the next week.

Volvo Sailors Have An Angel

The VOR is in "stop-over" mode but it's still fun to visit the site daily for little bits and this feature was an eye opener!

Nilson's Narrow Escape

Wednesday 10 December, 12:00 GMT

While seven of the fleet’s eight navigators fret over the leg ahead, Roger Nilson is relieved to be able sail at all after he narrowly avoided being part of a tragic building collapse while on leave during the stopover.

The Telefonica Black veteran was visiting a Hindu festival with a friend east of New Delhi when a roof, upon which they and 6,000 others were eating lunch, collapsed.

Nilson had left to make a phone call about 15 minutes earlier, while his friend avoided the catastrophe by less than a minute. According to Nilson, approximately 150 people died.

“The whole roof fell in,” he told Amanda Blackley in a radio interview. “If I hadn’t left to have a pee and make a call I probably wouldn’t be standing here. Full Article...

The Future Of Yacht Racing

If you swing through SailKarma and new site I've bookmarked: you'll find some content covering the World Yacht Racing Forum which is going on in Monaco. I'm hoping the editors at YachtSponsorship feed some scoop as the comment. It's clearly an exclusive event but have to have little faith the people involved have some decent intentions.

Those are my "hump-day" bites...back to the day job tasks... cheers!

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