Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Counting Down One Regtta At A Time

It's amazing how fast the year goes by when measured by famous international events like the Sydney Hobart, Chicago to Mackinac or Key West Race Week. It would be a dream to fit them all in, then again there are those who do!

Feels like months ago, I contributed some SailTrim.Org content for an Australian Sailing Publication covering physical preparation and nutrition for this event and here it is, due to start in ~ 22 days!

Also nipping on our heels, good old Key West Race Week and despite hard $$$ times, we may be missing some of our Grand Prix favs but this event is not just about the "rock stars," and for many PHRF sailors, this is one hell of a holiday that does not have to be anything less.

In The News...

The VOR folks are on for a quick re-coup before getting under way. I was afforded a little informal chat with Delta Lloyd navigator Matthew Gregory and all sounds well and team excited for the Singapore Stop-over. It was an off the record that's all you get! Sometimes, when your life is "not typical" it's nice to have a "typical", "how you doing?" sort of conversation.

The Vendee folks are making way through the first "ice gate" and an interesting mix of how they are meeting this race safety measure...

Final Thought...
I may come back and change my title, as the clock chimes and just noticed there is some sort of "countdown" on every site I scope out and the TV commercials, which I think is as much of a theme for this time of year as the impending visit from Santa...

And why not jump on the holiday humor wagon when my "web research" found this little gem of a site, so fitting to my passion:

Games at - Winter Workout
Winter Workout

Help Santa complete four winter themed events.

Play this free game now!!
Have fun, more "bites" to come...

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