Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Healthy Fix For This Thursday Bite!

It's a lifestyle! Though it takes more than saying you want to "lose weight," "get fit," or "be healthier." You have to seriously make an effort and modern day lifestyles of cramming into the day as much as possible, push healthy nutritional habits out-the-door!

The Today Show had a great mini segment on nutrition this morning. Nothing like the norm of do this, do that, rather an individual approach to encourage each in thinking about their daily habits. For as informed as we are, many people, present company included get caught up in their day.

It's very easy to dive into work and before you know it: it's mid-day and you've had nothing but 3 cups of coffee! How does one tackle that? Well, what do you use to keep on schedule?

Since there is a decent chance I'm on computer and it's the root of losing track of time, set daily alarms. In the day's of being chained to the desk in cubicle land - post-it notes! I was horrible, they took over my office but kept me on track.

So take a break, think, what would help you remember to drink some water before starting your morning routine? How can you ensure an AM meal is not missed (even if it is a granola bar, better than nothing at all?) What tools can help you keep to a healthy nutritional lifestyle day-to-day?

Oh! look at the time.... 10:30....mid-morning snack time! Yum! (sliced apple and natural peanut butter)

FYI....regarding yesterday's note on Fonica just ripping it up in the Southern TWO this morning EST! He rolled RIGHT on past BT (Seb Josse) and something tells me he is not done...

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