Monday, December 08, 2008

Get Biting For The Ski Season!

We just had our first little bit of snow in Southeastern CT and this has my head all wrapped around the ski season (or riding!) I have a fav website for getting ready for this particular winter pleasure and they happen to have a great article on getting ready:

From The Outside Mag Folks:

The Simple Plan
A week at a ski resort is supposed to be a vacation, not a marathon. With this in mind, we asked Ann Hodel, former NCAA Division I nordic ski racer and owner of Bodywise Physical Therapy, in Boulder, Colorado, to devise a 12-week winter fitness strategy. All you have to do is augment your (hopefully) regular routine of biking or running with a few ski- and snowboard-specific exercises. The best part? If you already work out regularly, this plan should take only about three more hours per week.

The whole plan to get you started!

And if you need a little stimulation to motivate you, how about this nice video treat from our Delta Lloyd peeps (click image to take a virtual ride):

It's just another manic Monday...cheers!

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