Monday, December 22, 2008

A Few Bites Behind!

Made a move North to visit family in Vermont just in time for two winter storms and snow removal detail, which is no excuse for getting behind on my bites! I simply chose playing in the snow with my sister over blogging. Though, since it is taking two days to "relocate" the snow from key places around the house (including the 3 feet on the roof), blogging is WAY more fun!

My Younger Sister Taking Breather. The Next Door Neighbors Tell Us This Is The First Time They've Had This Much Snow Before Christmas. The Slopes Are Killer Power! ~ Cheers!

The winter "play" has been a fantastic workout and sparks thoughts of all the fellow sailors who head to the mountains. If any of you are chilling in the Sugarbush, Mad River area: send a note! It would be a blast to join up with fellow sailors on the slopes this winter.

Back On Topic

YAHOOOO!!!!! Telefonica Blue Won Leg Three!!!!! Sorry but it was members of this team who came to my aide while stranded with no place to sleep in Alicante and they have a special place in my heart and so pleased they got this one. Though, to top it off, Puma snuck right on past Eric 3,4 to grab Second and FINALLY a reprieve of the Ericsson domination!! Ha ha.

Its a good night in Singapore but I had a weird dream about Delta Lloyd last night...who are trucking along and making headway.

The bites may be more like nibbles the next few days, though I am looking forward to sneaking in some healthy bits for those who like a little virtual coach. I think tomorrow will cover recovery and self care for those in snowy regions...from shoveling to skiing: the body may actually work harder than a day on the water!?!

Happy Holidays!!

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