Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Healthy Bites For Key West

Key West Race Week is one of my favorite American venues and this is the time of year is when I typically start up with the whole "making weight" and "surviving the holidays." Things are a tad different this year, given the state of economic affairs.

Don't Ditch The Gym

Mind you, it may be a touch more stressful as we all figure the budget for holiday travel, gifts and year end financial obligations. Stress, actually how the body manages stress can and will be what causes many of the "weigh-in woes" for 2009 One Design or personal fitness goals. I suspect for many, gym membership will go to the wayside to afford the gift or trip this winter.

Meanwhile, the stress of all will turn the body's internal management system on to "survival mode," making it terribly harder to maintain healthy weight (i.e. muscle mass) and lose the access fat. I kindly suggest not skipping the gym but settle for a lesser commitment: going once a week is better than not at all for stress management. Taking the time to do something for yourself during these times will go far for maintaining health and mental wellness.

Clean Food Choices Will Help

Most people either over eat or under eat when they feel the weight of the world. Maintaining some exercise will support either personality and for those who find eating to bring comfort, set yourself up for success and keep healthy munchies close by (i.e. popcorn over chips, dried fruit over candy and whole grain crackers over the-on-the fly doughnut, pastry.)

If you tend to not eat when stress, this is a time to keep in hand some comfort foods with the best effort to choose ones which do provide some nutritional value to help maintain during tough times (i.e. frozen yogurt, chocolate yogurt, trail mix, favorite fruits if available, etc.)

Nickle And Dime, Getting To Key West

The efforts to survive the holidays need a "carrot' and this year the "Key West Carrot" may not be happening, but could it? What if there was some compromise to how you "do" Key West compared to past?
  • Charter a Southern located boat?
  • Smaller team but invite friends to share lodging cost and make a holiday out of it?
  • Skip the "crew gear"?
  • If you have to make the drive and tow the boat: bring food and beverage from home, don't eat out but dine in? Bulk items are much cheaper before you hit the keys.
Something tells me there are many ways to cut cost for Key West having seen how extravagant teams go, but have also seen the "nickle and dime" programs and they are no less fun...they may lack the swanky crew gear and have to bunk up with their mates, but when most of the time is spent on the water, at the tent party or exploring the island...does it matter if all are having a good time?

How have you saved money on Key West Race Week? Care to share?


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