Friday, November 28, 2008

A Black Friday Holiday Gift Guide

The inbox has been terribly cluttered today and not a single email from any one of interest. Virtual junk mail to allure one out for some holiday hell in the local malls and shopping centers. I did scope out the "one day Apple" sale, but the site was not working very well with everyone one else in the world doing the same.

An Endurance Event

It is official, like the start of an endurance sail around the world people around the globe can officially think about Christmas and the gift giving season. Honestly, its been on my mind for awhile. However, I'm from a family who do at least one "creative" gift. For example, one year my mom took all my old t-shirts and crafted up a lovely quilt. This requires some early planning.

I don't have that sort of time, but do have a couple nifty ideas in the mix. I can't share, since my family actually checks out my blog occasionally!

Gift Guide Bite!

Here's the official SailTrim/BoatBites holiday gift guide. Items I have found to be a godsend and indispensable to my day-to-day, maybe a fellow sailing peep may enjoy for 2009. A few items, just for fun!

If you really really love them and have the budget:
  • Anything Apple! My "apple program" is pretty simple with Macbook and iPod but hoping Santa delivers the international converter set.
  • Canon G9 (now the G10) It's a digital "pug," an SLR stuck in a point and shoot body with old school flare. Interesting tid-bit: it's the official camera for the VOR media crew member! Sadly, Canon is not an official sponsor...when weight is an issue, happy middle ground.
Portable and Useful:
Keep Them Cozy At Home Or Abroad:
  • Discover Atlantis! They are a professional affiliate of mine but this is an unsoliciated plug and they don't even know about it! I ADORE my women's Number's Softshell, could use for a couple hand warmer pockets but it's a staple all year long. Both of my sisters wear this jacket. The guys I see wearing their gear look so sharp and handsome. Ladies, recommend as a gift for the hunky sailor in your life.
Stocking Stuffers And On A Budget:
  • Off The Line! One can never go wrong with a calendar and yes, we all know I am massive Amory Ross fan, but this calendar deserves the plug and already on my wall. It's SWEET!
  • "Be Your Own Sailing Coach" by Jon Emmett is a great book for that sailor who'd like a little guide to improve their skills. I read this book earlier in the year and have passed it on as a gift with great reviews.
  • Safe and re-usable water bottle! In Alicante, we only had those tiny little plastic shot-glass sized cups to stay hydrated at the VOR's media center and I HATE HATE to use plastic cups and damn if my water bottle was not a hot comodity and one I had to prevet from being stolen everyday.
  • Adopt A Creature! This year, I'm supporting my fav non-profit. I love receiving these sorts of gifts. Something my grandparents started for us a long time ago when we adopted a family whale.
  • Sustainable Shopping! I'm a bit of a Natzi when it come to plastic bags. I'll seriously be "that girl" who would rather carry the 20 plus items precariously stacked in her folded arms than use a plastic bag. Though, to avoid that scenerio, I never leave the house without my canvas bag.
Oh dear, there are plenty more but not so much as a guide item. It's easy to sneak in a few personal wish list items!! Maybe Santa will surprise me this year if I share it with the virtual world...but won't.

In The News:

The "boyz" of VOR will be in India by end of weekend, early next week...
Vendee front runners have begun their dance around the St. Helena High...
Key West Race Week deadline is coming up but race organizers are doing their best to help in hard economic times...

There's tons more sailing news out there!


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