Sunday, June 22, 2008

New England Calm

It feels oddly calm and quiet in New England since nearly 200 boats left Newport, RI, bound for Bermuda. The boat slips, once filled with high performance racing machines were quickly replaced with the resident leisure yachts and Newport Shipyard was onto another gear while the pace slowed.

In Mystic, CT the streets are a bustle with out-of-towner's while all the SailTrim peeps are out in the Atlantic! So I sit here tucked away in local cafe thinking back to last week, immersing myself in the nearly 300 photos I took of the start (click here for album) and finding it hard to believe how just the other day was chatting about 18 foot skiff sailing with Rob Greenhalgh, Paul Cayard was casually talking with folks (he is much taller than I realized) and Mike and Emma Sanderson where walking their darling little girl around the yard - each always with a smile on their face.

There was the awe inspiring Martha Parker of the fabulous "Team 1 Newport" checking in with teams, always with a lovely smile and positive words for all she encounters. Have you all heard yet? She has opened a new shop, "Patagonia on Thames", a little shop for all you Pataguchi fans right on Thames across from IYRS. Ms Kim Woodhouse, the lovely lady who looks after all you Farr 40 folks, was caught at the wheel of a golf cart loaded with Speedboat's meals (caught a glimpse of wraps and bags of oranges.)

The real treat for me, aside from "Sailing Rock-star sitings" was sending off local sailors from the Mystic Mudhead Sailing Association:

Greg Gilmartin "J/44 Affinity"

"Affinity Crew" Dave, Bob and Bruce

Smile Mark! He's a "Mischievous" Crew...

They are my local "rock stars" and wishing them all fair winds and good times in Bermuda! SailTrim has posted a slide show at "Velocity Made Good" ~ Cheers!

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