Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fresh like the season...

A new look for the home site:

SailTrim's been referenced as bit of a "Chameleon" since it does constantly change face. I've come to appreciate the way of a Chameleon, reptiles are some of the oldest living creatures on this planet. They know how to survive and no matter what color the Chameleon changes to: it's still a Chameleon!

SailTrim was born out of a passion for sailing and science and a mission to ensure sailors stays active on the water. SailTrim is a way of life and will keep tweaking the appearance till the right shade matches the needs of the global community.

Not into Chameleons and prefer sticking with sailing you let the sails luff or find over trimmed sails to be fast? No... to survive the race course and stay on top involves a lot of tweaking along the way...

Cheers and thank you!

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