Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sights and sounds...

...can bring people back in time.

The holiday period from November through January 1st can be sensory overload! The seasonal changes, sensory cues and damn Christmas carols playing moments after the last bite of turkey, all trigger memories of years gone by.

It's really quite an interesting aspect of human psychology, the relationships between sight, sound, and smell with human emotions and memories. One of many elements I enjoy most about sailing, how it engages all our senses and can either keep one alive in the moment or bring back, for self, some lovely memories.

Back in the day...

Our family use to get together around this time with other families from the marina for an America's Cup holiday gathering (the taped races). They were great parties. I actually think I better understood the cup in my pre-teen days, then ever I do now. Today - I get a headache with each press release and instantly filled with disappointment and tune into the commentary of the Barcelona World Race for a reprieve.

I miss my childhood innocence around the Cup, how my "marina friends" and I would announce to our parents how we were going to someday be America's Cup sailors. Once, sitting in the middle of the living room, my younger self was fending for tele rights from "non-sailor" step father who wanted to change the channel from the Cup to something about UFO sitings, "No!, that will be me someday!", standing my ground, as the women I looked up to, duked it out in the male dominated waters. My grandparents (both sailors) had been visiting and now deceased grandfather, in his gentle tone, simply said, "Dear, you will need to be much bigger". Was somewhere between 10-12 at the time, I'm told.

I have to chuckle when thinking back to being one of the littlest in school, too scrawny to wear proper little girl clothes and dressed like a little boy most of the time, "helping" my true father on the boat and never once thinking I wasn't "big enough". Oh well, in truth, the America's Cup is no longer an ambition - out grew it- on to sailing across oceans...some day.

In my youth, the America's Cup was the highlight of sailing, the level of sailing any young sailor would hope to achieve, an event worth watching - would like to move on. There is more to the world of sailing than the America's Cup and those who are key in what makes it special, feel they have the talent to make other events special while those who cast a dark shadow duke it out...

There is more for the sailor than the America's cup as well.

Personally, would like to see the sailors, no matter age, class of boat, etc., be the highlight of the sport over one particular event. With the ever more physical boat designs making way to a local docks, mother nature's mood swings and demand for creative means to power these beasts of all shapes and sizes, will require the growth of the sailor in many different facets.

Support the sailor and support the future of our sport.

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