Sunday, August 19, 2007

One way trip... Brazil. There are going to be 84 boats at the start of this year's Mini Transat, celebrating it's 30th anniversary. This will be the largest turn out with boats still on the waiting list to get in. Team Acadia, skippered by Clay Burkhlater of Stonington, CT will be the only American sailing the only American designed (J Boats) and only American built Mini since 1977! To be here with less than 4 weeks, truly exciting.

How Clay got here and the support from back home...amazing. Clay and I reflected a bit over the last few years, how we both got to this point; he with Acadia and I with SailTrim. We've been blessed by a tremendously supportive sailing community.

Personal journeys; whether starting a new career, school or sailing campaign do take on a life of their own when the individual(s) taking the leap are devoted to the "quest". Clearly Clay is quite devoted...he damn near built the whole boat, however, lucky for us and his humble heart, a whole community has brought Acadia and Clay to this point and working with him has awarded the opportunity to see and hear his appreciation and gratitude.

However, this journey comes to a point where Clay and Acadia need to prepare, let us all go and focus on why they're here. Had he, himself not been driven to do this, non of us would have had the opportunity to share in the adventure. This is true for all who take on a personal "Everest" reach the peak, summit, each must acknowledge an appreciation for self in staying committed to the goal.

Once they stop worrying about whether or not they've properly thanked and showed's time to set sights and give complete focus to the goal and envision it's completion...the rest will follow suit!

Team Acadia Photo Album:

For Team Acadia....eyes are set on Brazil!

Good Luck to all who take on the world, believe in yourself and it'll happen ~ Jenn

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