Wednesday, June 06, 2007

When one falls overboard...

...with no healthy means to get back on the "boat" its possible to feel defeated, treading water while the boat sails away...either wishing for a life ring to be tossed one's way, reaching out, holding onto the boat till helping hand(s) assist the rest of an up hill battle to be on the "right side" of the lifelines...or using the strength within to return to safety on one's own.

...translation you ask??? The process of getting back to a lifestyle which promotes health and well being.

Each has their own tale of "falling overboard" while their fitness routine, nutritional plan and stress management sails away without them. To each the feeling of derailment may either empower or enslave . . .encourage a fight back to regain or fuel a negative feedback loop of self defeat. No one desires the latter however some get knocked off the boat unexpectedly and without warning . . . finding themselves in the drink without an easy solution to getting out and the boat is sailing away. . .

There is something to be said about a "safety plan" for the day to day; a generic routine which helps one stay focused on what's important when an unexpected "shift" happens. This could be the simple act maintaining a stash of bottled water and easy to grab smart snacks when time is short.

A little more developed plan may include a 5-10min morning stretch/yoga session which can be done where-ever one "wakes up" (home or away), starting the day off on a solid foot. Finally, having a "home" for the little things (i.e. keys, wallet, etc) which can have huge impact on the flow of a day, keeping stress levels low when in a time crunch. For example, the kids have to be at school but the car keys have gone missing . . .

However, for the times when life completely takes one by surprise. . .take a deep breathe and exhale. . .the simply act of inhalation and exhalation naturally relaxes the body and mind, typically allowing focus and clarity to take over most stressful situations.

All the best ~ Jenn

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