Monday, June 25, 2007

Sailing with finesse...

...on a 30 foot boat with "big jobs" and little sailors...

This weekend awarded the opportunity to share the Mumm30 experience with a fellow sailor. I was able to sail the boat, once again, from beginners eyes and brought back to the day when I was once told I was too small to do the fore deck on a Mumm30...

As I walked through the fore deck and pit positions, flooding her head with way too much information, it occurred to me all the explanations, tips and tricks were geared towards someone who can't "muscle through" a job or task.

As a science fanatic, I do respect anatomy and physiology, knowing some "bodies" are better suited for different types of jobs within the different levels of sailing. With that said, not being a very big person who aspires to sail on medium to big boats, getting the job done on occasion requires some mental and physical finesse.

So... Sailing Finesse 101...which only works if you have sailing 101 under your belt...

"Big jobs can be done by little people...remember David and Goliath..."

Use your head...think ahead...respect own abilities and inabilities and don't be afraid to ask for help when needed (leave the ego at the dock, bringing the humble heart on board)...still struggling to get the job it because of feeling too small...not strong enough...can a different "tool" be used to help complete the job...could a tweak in "how" the job is performed help...or, at last..."communication" to fellow crew to set a slightly different stage to perform the job (my fav...."please square the pole"...)???

Aside from on the water practice, trial and error there is land training to the aid of us little sailors who can...want to be a 5 foot halyard jumping rock star on a 50+ foot will have to use that 5 foot stretch of arm length to it's fullest potential with both speed, strength and agility (since stable surface only occurs while docked).


Perform an "air hoist" with a coach to first assess if full range of motion(ROM) is being employed, then either head to the gym or fitness center to consult a trainer in formulating a program/plan which maintains ROM, builds power in the movement with speed. Freestyle swimming, climbing and rowing are all great (and fun) extracurricular activities to build stamina and strength for rock star hoisting and many other jobs on a sailboat.

Need more guidance ... ask SailTrim. On land training, positive attitude and on the water practice can help someone tune their mental and physical attributes to finesse most "big jobs" on any size boat...

Fair Winds,

The little black figure on the bow is me at this years Acura Grand Prix:

Photo: Tim Wilkes 2007

Besides "beginner's eyes" on this weekends sail, gratitude to the people who gave me the chance to try the "big jobs" despite little hands. ~ Thanks to my Mudheads and Family!

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