Monday, March 26, 2007

Respects to my sailing coach...

...the Mumm30. In the past year I have expanded my sailing horizons tremendously due to a steady commitment to the Mumm30 class. My level of sailing, boat handling and working as a team grew from the experiences within in this one design fleet. It's been a struggle observing from the rail as the fleet size decreased from event to event over the winter. The intention of this entry isn't to dwell on the "dock side rumors" but to share with the community a positive tale which hopes to remind and refresh what this class brings to sailing.

From the first time I spotted a Mumm on the waters of Long Island sound; I knew I wanted to sail on one. It was just my size and spirited! My first experience would not be till Key West 2006 and a fellow Mudhead boat was down crew due to illness, my boat had the misfortune of losing her mast . . . part of the deck on day 2 of racing leaving me free to fill in for the sick member and I was the right size and weight. I do not believe I had ever been so banged up, bruised and swollen from 2 days of sailing as I was after my time on the Mumm! It was great . . .not the war wounds but the sailing.

My first lesson that week: check the ego at the dock, every job is important and therefore every crew member plays an important role and the little mistakes can have a huge "wipe out" effect. My take home: this boat will test your drive to excel, teach one to work dynamically with a group of people and when you sail your best and work as "one" the rewards are: great days of sailing.

I made it my personal goal to do more Mumm sailing afterwards and continued with sailing another hometown boat at Acura Miami Race Week, picked up a steady position on yet another hometown ride for the entire season (some weeks got in 3-4 days of Mumm sailing!) which never really ended as I headed into fall (Worlds) , Key West again and recently Acura Grand Prix. In a few of these events; I'd never sailed with the crew, however; if you sail with a humble heart, positive attitude and do your job to the best of your ability: the experience will be positive. I have had some of my best sailing experiences on the Mumm with folks I met on the Mumm for the first time.

The boat design and layout for me is perfect! She's really not hard to figure out, however sensitive and if you get too cocky will spank you hard! (sorry but could not think of a better way to describe) I find the front end to be home, though really enjoy the pit and prefer to be in the back only on the ride home after all has been squared away from a full day of racing. The cockpit is nice and spacious and my 5'5" frame can easily stretch out and enjoy a post race beverage perfectly! She is easy to set up, break down and clean up . . . who could ask for more? Since we are focusing on the positives here . . .we'll stay away from cost thoughts and keep this a tale from the rail (crew's perspective).

I hope the low class participation in the US is a "phase" because the Mumm30 is a lovely boat and she has a lot to offer the sailing community of all ages and levels. My little dream . . . a SailTrim.Org Mumm . . .but that is when we return to the humble discussion on cost . . .I am not going to give up, will keep hunting down rides as I travel and hope the Mumm 30 sticks around!

One of my fav clips!

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